Day 1: Restarting the Challenge

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by! If you haven't heard of the #100DaysofCode challenge, you're not alone. I myself only discovered this movement on Twitter a few months back. The whole idea behind it is that consistency turns behaviours into habits. Therefore, by focussing on one behaviour for 100 days in a row, that behaviour should in theory become a habit.

I started this coding challenge a few weeks ago and got to Day 50. However, at this point, I unfortunately found myself missing days and losing focus, so here I am starting again from Day 1!

I hope you'll continue to read my daily updates. I'll be writing about things I have learned each day, projects I'm working on, and anything in tech that I find really cool. I'll be including my struggles and triumphs as I navigate the world of programming!