Day 9: Bridge Level Up Workshop

I had the opportunity to attend a one day JavaScript workshop held by the Bridge School today. We went over basics of ES6, including arrow functions, and when and how to use map, filter, and reduce functions. The second portion of the class was about personal branding, and how to get yourself out there a a new developer. This included the importance of having a social media presence on Twitter, having commits on Github, and the proper way of reaching out to individuals on LinkedIn.

The class was geared towards women, agender and non-binary, and I have to say it was so refreshing to be at an event surrounded by female developers! Events I have attended in the past consist mostly of men, and it is disheartening to see so few women. It was definitely a great workshop and I look forward to any future events they run.

Having completed all my goals for last week (woohoo), I have set up some new goals for this week. My main focus for the next few weeks will be JavaScript. I will be reviewing syntax as well as attempting to create simple JavaScript projects.

Items for the Upcoming Week

  • Email contact at Rangle regarding possible mentorship
  • Update portfolio site with projects section
  • JavaScript JavaScript JavaScript > Review syntax and create one project
  • Write/Start article for Medium
  • Commit to Github each day