Day 11: Lunch & Learn - JS Frameworks

Today wasn't as productive as I wanted to be. I had an appointment in the morning, so I had to drag myself downtown. However, one good thing about me being downtown, was that there was a Lunch & Learn happening at one of the tech bootcamps, and I was able to drop by. The talk was on JavaScript Frameworks, Anuglar, React, and Vue, and the types of situations each framework excelled in or fell short. As I have never touched Angular nor Vue, and being fairly new to React, I found the talk really informative.

I had a friend tell me how my Greeting Text on my website was loading before my image, so I was trying to figure out how to fix it while I waited for my appointment. I couldn't figure it out though, so I'll need to look at it again tomorrow.

I came home and did a bit of JavaScript review on Codecademy. It was super beginner stuff, which is all my brain could handle tonight!

In other news, one of my friends who is a developer told me he was making his wedding website yesterday, and I asked if I could take a stab at creating it. So that will be my new project!