Day 21: Ruby Tutorial

So I decied to checkout Ruby on Rails today. I was really hoping to get a lot done and maybe build a small app but I was having the hardest time setting up the environment. I think maybe I was following a bad YouTube tutorial, or at least one that wasn't suitable for newbs.

Then I came across a Ruby tutorial from freeCodeCamp on YouTube! Since I have only taken a short class on Ruby, I decided to start it and it's really great so far. I only got through hour 1 of 4 but the next step is building a calculator so I'm excited to try it tomorrow.

Setup was really easy too, especially since Macs already come with Ruby. If you've used the text editor Atom before, it has some great packages that makes running Ruby a breeze.

Packages to install on Atom:

  1. atom-runner: which lets you run your Ruby program inside Atom
  2. platformio-ide-terminal: this opens up a terminal window so you can ask for user input