Day 23: Debugging and Errors

My plan today was to work a on styling the FAQ section for the wedding website, and then go back to the Ruby tutorial. I decided to go ahead and try adding the JavaScript to it as well. I wanted the answer to the question to slide, out once a down arrow next to each corresponding question was clicked. Long story short, I got stuck working on it. It's still not quite right but I'm almost there.

Since the test for Bridge School is due tomorrrow morning at 9am, I decided to review my answers one last time before I hit submit. I had everything running and working so I didn't think it would take too long. However, upon submitting, there were errors! The logic was right, but the format of the return wasn't exactly what the question had asked for. I ended up having to debug and rework them. Finally finished and hit submit!

Ah I hope I get in! If I don't though, I'll just retry again for the next cohort :)