Day 33: Finished the Wedding Site

Woohoo I'm finally done the wedding website and I love the way it looks and functions. I feel like I learned so much on this project. First and foremost, never use full image sizes. It will make everything, including navigation super slow. Also, it'll crash your phone!

I'm getting so much more comfortable using JavaScript to manipulate DOM elements. I'm also able to troubleshoot and debug so much faster without freaking out. I was almost near the end when my navigation stopped working. I realized that I had used the same ID tags when I created the separate hamburger menu for the smaller screen size.

There was also this extremely annoying and persistent white space on the right side. At first I was a little overwhelmed at trying to figure out what was causing it, but then I commented out section by section, which helped me narrow it down. I was able to find the issue within 15 minutes or so!

I do want to go in and maybe clean up the code a bit tomorrow.