Day 47: React Course on Udemy

I noticed that Udemy was having a sale on their courses, so I decide to switch gears a little bit and try out one of their React courses. I went with the one by Rob Merrill, and I found it to be really beginner friendly. It goes through concepts thoroughly, and gives you a chance to try and use the concept multiple times so that it really sticks.

Getting Started
In order to set up the developer environment quickly, we used script tags to bring in the React Library, the React DOM Library, and Babel. Since we want to show our React components on the DOM, we need to have both React and React DOM libraries. We use Babel to convert our JSX syntax.

Root Element
We then created a div element that is treated as a root element. Our React content will be rendered within this div tag. We gave it a id of "app". If for some reason our element is not rendered, we will get the message "React has not rendered yet."

<div id="app">React has not rendered yet</div>